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Equinix- Who Are We & What Do We Do?
Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company where businesses from across the world can virtually come together, connect and create the technologies that enrich our work, our daily lives, and our planet.

The UK is a major tech hub, and Equinix’s second largest market with 14 data centres across London, and Manchester at present. We have provided cumulative investment UK wide in excess of £1 billion, employ approximately 1400 people in the UK, and are expanding in both Greater London and Manchester.

Equinix is already part of the community in Slough, with 6 sites (and a 7th site about to commence construction), concentrated around the Slough Trading Estate and many initiatives being carried out in schools, further education and training, charities and local buisnesses.

What is a Data Centre?
Data centres are sometimes referred as the place where the internet lives. 

They are rooms or buildings that offer space, power and cooling to house and host servers, compute, storage and other ICT equipment. Modern data centres have evolved today to support thousands of interconnected devices efficiently and effectively.  In doing so, data centres support every conceivable aspect of our lives: transport infrastructures, government services, telecommunications, entertainment, business processes, and social networks. Almost every app on a smartphone today will process its data through a data centre.

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