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An Industrial Past
The former Akzo Nobel Site on Wexham Road has a rich history in the paint and varnish industry Stretching back to the early 1900’s. 

Formerly owned by Naylor Brothers, who set up in Slough after the First World War, the Wexham Road site was used for the production of paints. 

This intensified when the Naylor Brothers joined with Nobel Chemical Finishes in the 1920s, and the manufacturing, distribution and sale of their products was concentrated on the Slough site.

The site was bombed twice in the second world war, however the brand continued to grow, with the site being densely rebuilt and continuing to manufacture until 2018 when the factory closed. The site has been unused since.

Equinix is now seeking to make a long-term investment on the former Akzo Nobel site, and works are commencing to clean and decontaminate the site to enable its move from an industrial past to a new future and new opportunities.

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